From the Desk of the President

"Others Before Self"

What does this mean to you? It means different things to different people, yet to the members of the Spring Lake Fire Department it is how we live our lives.

A typical day of one of our volunteers may begin with an early morning call for medical assistance. Upon returning home, a member will start his or her day, whether than means taking care of their family, going to school, or heading to work. Later in the day, dinner may be in the oven or while sitting in the stands at a child’s football game the pager could go off for a car accident or carbon monoxide detector. It leads to a life interrupted, but we would not have it any other way. We all volunteer because we love what we do and the community we serve. Very often multiple family members are involved in the company.

Spring Lake members are not only there when the pager goes off, but also try to be active in the surrounding community. Company members provide CPR and first aid training during the year to various organizations like the Girl Scouts, daycare staff, and town lifeguards. In addition, we put on an annual DWI awareness event just before prom for Coleman High School. Come see us on the second Sunday of the month from October to March serving pancakes, French toast, eggs, and more. Often the proceeds from our breakfasts go to local organizations or the toy drive around the holidays. As a not-for-profit member of your community, feel free to ask where the profits from our big breakfasts are going to when you stop in for a home-cooked breakfast. While there glance into the kitchen and you will likely see our chief on the grill, a lieutenant cooking bacon and a probie brewing coffee.

To be able to properly respond to the community’s emergency needs our members are constantly training and honing their skills. Every Monday night we focus on a certain skill with many other trainings scattered about the week. We practice everything from extrication of patients to forcible entry to pulling hose and pump operations. We train to be ready when we are needed by our neighbors. It is the fire district, which is comprised of 5 elected fire commissioners, who create and maintain the tax based income we receive, provides the company with the majority of the equipment needed to train properly and effectively. In addition to the tax based income, the company also raises funds through grants, fundraising, and investments.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a retiree we have a place for you here at Spring Lake as long as you have a desire to assist and serve our local communities. We have places not only for active firefighters, which are always needed, but also social members who can help with our community outreach programs. Just stop down on a Monday night around 7 pm to pick up (or drop off) an application.

So whether we are teaching CPR, responding to a call for help or even making pancakes during a breakfast the members of Spring Lake Fire Department believe in "Others Before Self". I am proud to be president of the Spring Lake Fire Department and even prouder to be a volunteer and walk along side some of the finest people I know.

Deirdre Mance

Company President