From the Desk of the Chief

Welcome to the web-pages of the Spring Lake Fire Dept.

I would like to welcome you to the Spring Lake Fire Department’s home on the internet and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our department.

The Spring Lake Fire Department is an all volunteer Fire Department that serves the residents of Ulster Fire District #1 in the Town of Ulster. We currently have 24 Active Firefighters in our membership. Our members come from all different walks of life and bring a great variety of life and vocational experiences to our team. We are all united by our willingness to serve our community and our pride in being part of the Fire Service.

Our department operates out of one station utilizing 3 Engines, a Light Rescue/Utility and a Chief’s Vehicle. Our district is mostly residential, but also includes some commercial and light industrial occupancies, as well as some large wooded areas. We also cover 2 miles of the New York State Thruway which passes through our district. We average about 200 calls per year.

Besides the extensive firefighting training that all of our members are required to undergo, our department is proud to have many members that have gone above and beyond to become trained in many specialized emergency services disciplines to better serve our department and our community. Several of our firefighters are also certified as NYS EMT’s, Certified Fire Service Instructors, as well as many have undergone advanced training in areas such as Hazardous Materials Response, Auto Extrication, Technical Rescue, Building Codes Enforcement, Surface Ice Rescue, Incident Management, Incident Safety and much more. Our department members take great pride in our ability to respond and initiate in emergency operation in just about any situation.

We are very fortunate to have a great working relationship with our neighboring departments as well as the other agencies and departments within our town to effectively and efficiently respond to any type of emergency that may happen in our district. We also have the ability to call in specialized County, State, & Federal Teams and Resources if needed through our county Fire Coordinator’s Office.

I am proud to say that I am a firefighter and even more proud to say that I am a firefighter in the Spring Lake Fire Department. My entire fire service career has been spent as a member of the Spring Lake Fire Department since joining as a Junior Fire Fighter in 1994 and it is an honor to serve with a group of such dedicated people. Our members through their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families (who many times have to do without them at moment’s notice as they run out the door to an emergency call or training) truly embody our department’s motto "Other’s Before Self".

I would encourage all residents of our district whether you are interested in joining or not, to stop by the firehouse on a Monday night or anytime you see a car at the station and check out the department and meet our members.

Thank you.
Jerry McDonough, Chief