March 2017

ISO Rating Information

As a result of outstanding performance and training, the Spring Lake Fire Department is proud to announce that we have received the results of our Public Protection Classification Survey from the Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO). The result our PPC grade is now a Class 3/3Y, which is an improvement from our previous classification of 4/8B. The results of this survey come after a review of our department's operations, planning, training program and record keeping by an ISO Fire Protection Specialist.

Past Chiefs

Thomas Dragotta

1955– 1956
55 year Life Member
Last Alarm: 10 December 2010

Robert Pardee

1956 - 1961
Last Alarm: 1971

Clayton Elmendorf

1962 -1971
Last Alarm: 1972

Theron Jones

1972– 1975
51 year Life Member
Last Alarm: 25 April 2016

Douglas Storm

1976 - 1982

James Brown

1983 - 1993
Last Alarm: 10 December 2015

John "Doc" Cranston

1994 - 2014

Members of SLFD

Firefighter Paul Alley

Firefighter George Arthurs

Firefighter Dylan Berryann

Firefighter Chris Brocco

Firefighter Jeramie Collins

Firefighter Kendall Collins

Firefighter Doc Cranston

Firefighter Wild Bill Cranston

Firefighter Noah Cutler

Firefighter Renato DiBella

Firefighter Colin Lyons

Firefighter Declan Mance

Firefighter Deirdre Mance

Firematic Officers

2019 Firematic Officers

Chief Jeremiah McDonough

1st Assistant Chief Jared Mance

Captain/Training Officer Joe Swart

Lieutenant Dave Allen

Lieutenant Manny Skartados

Lieutenant George Arthurs

Lieutenant Chris Brocco

Sergeant-at-Arms Skippy

Safety Officer Doug Storm

Chaplain John Quick